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What is Socialization?

Through the socialization process, good OR bad behavior can be developed!  For example, people that raise puppies that might become police dogs socialize their puppies to be protective & bold. People that raise puppies that might become service dogs socialize their puppies very systematically and with intense positive reinforcement.  So, you can see that the process of socialization is very unique to each and every breeding program, and it is important to choose a program that socializes appropriately for your needs.

It is so important for a breeder to have proper knowledge on both the genetic history of her dogs, as well as appropriate socialization techniques.  There are some things about different breeds/types of puppies that are genetic and will never change.  However, it is up to the breeder to identify and understand these genetics and then place an appropriate socialization plan in place for her puppies so that her puppies can grow to become Good Canine Citizens.

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Controlled Human Interaction

Meeting new people is very important for puppy socialization, however, we are very careful when it comes to introducing new people to our puppies.  We have family members and close friends that come to our home for these carefully calculated interactions.  We do not allow strangers or puppy families to visit our home when the babies are vulnerable . Once the babies have been vaccinate, we encourage you to come visit or Newf family. 


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Proven Curriculum

We have drawn socialization techniques and protocol from many different curriculums, but our favorite is AviDog's Savvy Socialization series.  This science and experience based curriculum suits our program very well, and has equipped us with the knowledge that we need in order to be confident in our carefully developed protocol


Appropriate Animal Interactions

Our adult dogs are allowed to interact with the puppies during highly controlled sessions.  These positive interactions teach puppies how to behave around new dogs.

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Daily Routine 

Daily Routines are SO important!  We set our daily routines based on each litter's developmental stage.  Our daily routines evolve and change constantly based on each litter's individual needs.  Our family members participate and adhere to these routines so that we can maintain consistency.

The Avidog Protocol 

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