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Health. Beauty. Temperament. 

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Our love for Newfoundland’s started many years ago. Noble Newfoundlands was established in 2018 and is proudly owned by

Dr. Jamie Dean, DVM.

As a graduate of UF College of Veterinary Medicine, we aim to not only select for the beauty of the breed, but most importantly, we strive to improve the breed's health. Here at Noble Newfs, our dogs are our family! Everyday is an adventure as they get to live their best dog lives on our 8 acre farm. We love, live and breathe Newfs.  

Unfortunately, the health aspect of the breed is oftentimes neglected by many. As many other breeds, Newfoundlands are known to have four major health concerns: Cystinuria, Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia, and SAS (Sub Aortic Stenosis). These health concerns can be reduced through selective and responsible breeding.

You will find that all of our dogs have been screened for all of these diseases and each breeding has been thoughtfully selected to improve the breed. I have spent many hours researching and consulting on what it means to raise a healthy giant breed dog, who will remain healthy for many years.

The coat of a Newfoundland is oily in nature. The double coat effectively keeps them from getting wet on their skin, and combined with his webbed feet, deep broad chest, and well-sprung ribs contributes to their swimming ability. Despite their heavy coat, the Newf adapts to warm as well as cool climates. In warm climates, the long outer coat remains but the undercoat thins out to some degree. The warmer the weather, the more careful you must be to avoid overheating. Also, provide a Newf with plenty of shade and fresh water and do not leave him in the sun or unattended in a parked car.

The Newfoundland is a large, strong, heavy-coated, active dog equally at home, in the water, and on land. They are a multipurpose dog, capable of heavy work. While at first, the Newf may appear somewhat placid, they are actually a fairly active dog that enjoys and needs daily exercise. Despite their size, they can reside comfortably in a small home or apartment, provided they are given ample opportunities for exercise. Newfoundlands are renowned for their unique gentleness, even temperament, loving nature, and devotion. Historically, they have displayed a keen sense of responsibility and life-saving instincts, both on land and on sea, These attributes make a Newf a good choice as a companion for children and adults alike. While Newfs are well known for their gentle disposition and personality, their temperament can vary throughout, just as with humans. While the Newf has strong guardian instincts, he is not a watchdog, and harsh treatment and inattention will produce resentment and poor behavior in any dog. In addition, one should see that a Newf (or any dog) is not abused or harassed by children or adults. A growing puppy may be more subject to injury than his size would lead you to believe. Never allow a child to climb on a growing puppy or ride on an adult Newf (Newfoundland Club of America)

We are proud to have qualified and be a member of the AKC bred with H.E.A.R.T program. This program is meant to improve the health and well-being of Newfoundlands through distinguished breeders who are committed to the HEALTH, EDUCATION, ACCOUNTABILITY, RESPONSIBILITY, and TRADITION of the breed. We spend many hours visiting Veterinarians who perform all breed-appropriate genetic testing on our dogs.


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